Hey Stinky Breath!

Hey Stinky Breath!

Hey Stinky Breath!

Bad breath or halitosis can be embarrassing for both people and pets. 80-90% of halitosis comes from structures within the mouth, primarily teeth and tongue, where bacteria produce over 80 different volatile or “stinky” organic compounds. These same bacteria cause plaque which is the trigger for tartar and calculus formation which leads to periodontal disease and loss of teeth.

What is Periodontal Disease?

Get someone to help gently restrain your pet and have a good look in their mouth. Their teeth should be a shiny white with pink glistening gums.  Be sure to have a really good look at the back upper teeth [molars and premolars] by gently lifting the lip up and backwards.  Do you see any brown or yellowish discoloration forming where the gums and teeth meet?  This is called calculus and is basically “bacterial cement”.  Look at the gums immediately adjacent to this calculus and you’ll probably notice they appear red and inflammed [gingivitis] and often appear to be receding away from the teeth [periodontal disease].

“Periodontal disease progresses through a predictable and sequential pattern of plaque deposition, calculus and then tartar accumulation, gingivitis, periodontitis, alveolar bone resorption and tooth mobility and loss”.

Whilst it was once considered that the disease could only be slowed, recent studies show a combination of ultrasonic scaling and antibiotics given for 5 days before and after not only decreased oral bacteria by 70% but also significantly reduced plaque formation 6 weeks after scaling and improved gingival pocket depth 6 months later. In simple language, when scaling and antibiotics are used in the early stages of periodontal disease it may actually reverse or stop its progression!

Free Dental Check and Antibiotics

August is Dental Month! To celebrate we are offering a free dental check and, if a dental is scheduled, a free course of antibiotics to be given 5 days before and after the procedure. Appointments with a nurse are essential.

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