Autumn Ramblings

Autumn Ramblings

Autumn Ramblings

Food Lure Training for Pups
First show and give your pup a small treat, then ignore them for a few seconds. When they jump up gently move your legs out of the way until they stand still next to you (even for a microsecond) then reward immediately with another small snack.  Continue for a few repetitions until the pup realises it gets rewarded for standing still. Then shape the behaviour with a gentle hand signal over their head (with the treat in hand) until they sit for a few seconds calmly before being rewarded. Slowly add in commands and hand signals.

Polite Puppy Preschool
Our fabulous Polite Puppy Preschool runs Wednesday afternoons and is the only school in town run by vets (Dr Carrie or Dr Katherine). Our program is specifically designed to achieve; calm sit on request, loose leash walking, remaining quiet, rest quietly on bed when asked, calm behaviour in public and to prevent common behavioural problems. Pups should be between 8 and 16 weeks. Bookings are essential.

Post Tick Season Update
The new canine oral tick and flea preventatives Bravecto and Nexgard did a sterling job over the last season with very little side effects. Anecdotally vets up and down the coast have noted a decrease in the number of tick affected dogs requiring antiserum. Though tick season is theoretically over, a second dose now will help with the fleas.

Pet Meat Warning
Pet meat is sold with long use by dates in refrigerated sections of supermarkets. Vets are concerned about mislabelling specifically in regards to the addition of sulphur preservatives which can cause brain damage and death in cats and dogs (Google pet meat, courier mail). The Pet Food Industry Association of Australia says pet meat is not pet food (??!!) and is therefore not subject to the self regulatory Australian Standard 5812 2011. Feed it at your own risk!

Our New Associate
Please give a warm South Coast welcome to Dr Katherine Sellars. Katherine graduated from James Cook Uni in 2014 and in only a few months has become an integral member of our team. Go K!

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