Nutrition and Supplements

Hill’s Science diet and prescription foods
Royal Canin prescription food
Delicate Care prescription food
Vets Best Rewards, Milk replacements and bottle/teats, Dental chews, Plaque Off, Prokolin paste, Synbiotic DC, Prokolin Enterogenic sachets, Cobalozorb, Antinol and 4 Cyte joint support therapies, Omega 6 fatty acid, fibre and calcium supplements

Skin and Ear Care

Dermcare range of shampoos and conditioners [Natural shampoo, Aloveen, Pyohex and Malaseb]
Mavlab Topizole
Epiotic, Otoflush and PAW Gentle Ear Cleanser
PAW Manuka Honey Wound Gel

Tick Preventatives

Bravecto Dog Chews and Spot on
Bravecto Cat spot on
Nexgard singles and Nexgard Spectra for dogs
Nexgard Spectra for cats
Revolution Plus for cats
Simparica chews for dogs


Rogz lead and collars
Red Dingo engraved tags
Licki mats
Cuddlies soft toys and chew toys
Car and walking harnesses’
Tick twisters
Pill applicators

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