Food Glorious Food!

Food Glorious Food!

Food Glorious Food

Fat Cat

Since our British Shorthair, Minnow got his own instagram page he has started acting like a supermodel EXCEPT for watching how much he eats. Fortunately a new diet, Hills Metabolic Advanced Weight Solution came to the rescue and over a few months he slimmed down to acceptable proportions. Metabolic helps fat pets lose 30% of their body fat within 2 months of feeding as a sole diet.


Minnow was looking terrific until we adopted my brother in law’s Burmese cat CJ. CJ has stage 2 renal disease and needs to eat a diet low in protein and phosphorous (Hills Prescription k/d dry is his fave). Both Minnow and our Whippet Fern also thought k/d was great and we never quite knew who was eating it all, but Minnow’s expanding waistline gave us some clues. The Surefeed Microchip Pet Feeder was our solution. It has a microchip scanner and a lid that only retracts when CJ approaches the bowl. It can store up to 32 pets and has a simple training program to teach pets how to activate the retracting lid. We found the supplied “RFID microchip tag” worked best for CJ.

New Arthritis Combo

Previously, for overweight and arthritic dogs, we would use Metabolic to lose weight then a prescription joint diet (J/d) to manage the joint pain. Now they come in a combined dry food called Metabolic + Mobility so we can treat both concurrently.

New Joint Food

Epiitalis is an extract of a herb, Biota orientalis, that has been used in Chinese medicine for centuries. Validated studies prove it decreases arthritic inflammation as well as helping maintain healthy articular cartilage. It comes as part of a new nutraceutical called 4 Cyte which combines epiitalis with abalone, green lipped mussel and marine cartilage all sourced from non endangered species under sustainable quotas.

Not Food

Two simple traits, kindness and generosity, have been proven (by the Gottman Institute of New York) to be the predictor of successful happy marriages. Further, I propose they may also be the key to a stable, peaceful and more equitable society. I encourage all avid readers (you must be to have read this far) to practise kindness and generosity in each of your interactions today!

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