Laser Therapy

Laser Therapy

Blast the Pain Away

Low level laser therapy [LLLT] or photobiomodulation has been used in veterinary and human medicine for decades. Whilst LLLT has been proposed to treat a multitude of disorders the strongest evidence for its efficacy is for three main purposes: promoting wound healing and tissue repair, relieving inflammation and swelling and as an analgesic or pain relief modality especially for spinal and arthritic pain.

How Does It Work?

The laser generated photons penetrate skin and tissue to around 3-4 cm depth. Photons are absorbed by chromophores suspected to be in the mitochondria. Here the photon causes an electron to move into a higher energy state which can then used to perform various cellular tasks such as production of adenosine triphosphate [an intracellular energy unit] and electron transport chain stimulation via cytochrome c oxidase. Cellular oxygen metabolism increases which leads to upregulation of genes and the production of cytokines [cellular messengers] and growth factors.

The clinical result is immediate analgesia or pain relief mediated by an anti-inflammatory like effect, improved wound healing mediated by cellular proliferation and migration and a reduction in swelling or edema mediated by vasodilation and improved microcirculation.

Right Here, Right Now

Milton Village Vet has joined the laser therapy revolution and has incorporated photobiomodulation into our treatment protocols. Our Multiradiance Activet Pro Laser Shower is a super pulsed laser using 630nm, 850nm and 905nm photonic wavelengths delivered in combination with a static magnetic field. Super pulsed lasers allow deeper tissue penetration without heating.

Treatment protocols vary depending on the condition and its severity but for owners of older pets the addition of a non-invasive, side effect free pain relief modality must sound pretty good. We think it will be perfect for any older arthritic dogs, especially those with existing liver or renal issues which excludes the use of standard pain relief medication. We will also be using it post operatively on our surgical wounds, to treat infections, back pain, to accelerate fracture healing……etc etc!

Special Offer

Milton Village Vet is offering a free LLLT session for any dogs receiving a pentosan injection in the month of May [just mention this ad]. Please call the hospital for appointments or more information.

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