Ticks Suck

Ticks Suck

Ticks Suck

I couldn’t tell you how many times we’ve been told, “No its definitely not a tick!” when, of course, it most definitely is? Last year a veterinary critical care specialist predicted that new preventatives could herald the end of paralysis tick caused fatalities. What he may not have counted on was human behaviour.

This is a courtesy reminder that we are in the midst of a severe paralysis tick season. There appears to be a decreased awareness of the danger this year which is quite frustrating as there are highly effective and safe preventatives readily available.

So please, anyone that lives near the bush, ocean or an estuary should be using Bravecto [our choice in either 4 monthly chew or 6 monthly spot on], Nexgard or Simparica for their dogs and Bravecto spot on for their cats [note if your pet has a history of seizures you will need to use another family of preventatives].

Anyone that scares you off using them, by telling you that these products kill pets, probably also believes vaccines cause autism and apple cider vinegar cures cancer. When your pet then gets tick paralysed, give them a courtesy call to “thank” them for their helpful non-evidence based advice. Then send them your vet bill.

Instead, why not get off Facebook and go for a walk or swim with your preventative protected dog or be community minded and welcome the nice family that just moved in down the road and check that they know all about the dangers paralysis ticks pose and how to sensibly prevent them.

Bushfires Suck Too

A reminder that owners of companion animals, horses and livestock need to decide well in advance of any disaster, whether their animals will be relocated or left on a property. Specifically, if they plan to evacuate animals when and how they will transport them and where they will stay or, if left on the property, the safest place to keep them to give them the best chance of survival. Plan to provide for all of your animals’ needs, including shelter, food and water, for a minimum of 3 days if evacuated and 3-10 days if left.

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