Proof is in the Puddy

Proof is in the Puddy

Proof Is In the Puddy

Rob Webster is a specialist emergency and critical care veterinarian based in the paralysis tick heartland of Brisbane and the Gold and Sunshine Coasts. He recently published a communique detailing the drop off in the number of canine paralysis tick cases seen at four emergency practices since the introduction of isoxazoline preventatives (Nexgard, Bravecto and Simparica) in 2014/15 whilst feline case numbers continued to increase (Bravecto spot on for cats should help reduce these).

Important Warning!! These products should not be used in animals with a history of seizures as they appear to lower the seizure threshold.

I’ll let Rob finish, “I believe almost all dogs and cats in tick areas in Australia are suitable patients for isoxazoline administration. The risk of death or suffering of a patient by not administering an effective product is higher, when considering the impact of paralysis ticks, than any other Australian parasite. Isoxazolines present the best chance of reducing the impact of this parasite on our pets and patients, and we should consider them the first line treatment for susceptible patients”.

No More Bare Butts

Before isoxazolines were introduced it was not uncommon for us to see 5 to 10 flea allergy dermatitis cases a day from Spring to Autumn. Remember those dogs with the bald tail bases that scratched 24/7 has anyone seen one recently??. Isoxazolines are so effective that now we are lucky if we see 5 to 10 cases per season!

Once Were Wonderers

Pet ownership has many similarities with being a parent in that we spend time, energy and money caring for those that you love regardless of whether you actually happen to feel like it. It’s just “what needs to be done”. In the same vein I also love this country that we call Australia. I love its beaches, its mountains, its forests, its rivers, its reefs, its deserts and its animals. And when you love something you innately want to defend and protect it.

So a question: have we proud patriotic Australians lost our way? Are we so caught up in the politics of envy and division that we have lost our sense of fairness, goodwill and common decency? Somewhat sadly I think we could learn a lot from our neighbours across the Tasman.

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