Paralysis Tick Alert

Paralysis Tick Alert

Tick, Tick, Tick………BOOM

Milton Village Vet has treated multiple tick paralysed patients over Winter. Even more worrying, are the large number of juvenile paralysis ticks owners are finding on their pets. Erroneously called “bush ticks”, most are the larval [6 legged] and nymph [8 legged] stages of the paralysis tick.

Bush or Paralysis Tick?

These are smaller [even pin head size], darker [often black] and rarely cause paralysis, unless you have 15-20 of them attached for over 4 days. Owners who are currently removing nymph or larval stages should take appropriate preventative action as the adult “paralysing” tick is nearby. If you need a tick identified, place in a zip lock bag and drop it in.

Game Changing Preventatives

Nexgard and Bravecto belong to a new class of oral ectoparasitics developed specifically for mammals known as isoxazolines. They have excellent safety profiling and immediate and persistent efficacy against a range of ectoparasites. Being a chewable they rely on the tick [and fleas and mites] feeding to kill them, so it is normal for owners to find dead attached ticks.
The palatable chewable should be given with an evening meal and dogs rested afterwards to decrease the risk of vomiting. They can be used in dogs over 2 kg from 8 weeks of age. They have been tested at 5x the standard dose with no obvious toxicity. Their prolonged action is due to protein binding so they do not wash off or affect aquatic organisms or your human family.
Bravecto [MSD Australia] is our choice as it lasts for 4 months against paralysis ticks. Dose your dog today and you will instantly protect them from the worst of the tick paralysis “season” [nb high risk pets should be dosed year round].
The only downsides are occasional vomiting and the lack of registration for use in cats, though it is coming. Until then feline owners still need to rely on Frontline, or the cheaper Australian made Frontera spray, applied every 3 weeks. Bring your feline friend in, buy a bottle and we will do the first application for you at no charge.


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