Things Visitors To The South Coast Should Know

Things Visitors To The South Coast Should Know

Things Visitourists with Pets Should Know

Firstly, welcome and enjoy, the south coast is a relaxed and laidback region but local dog lovers have had to fight for, and are understandably protective of, their dogs’ right of access to on and off leash beaches. Whilst visiting please respect their hard won gains.

On and Off Leash Areas

Milton Showground has an off leash area 24hrs/day. Narrawallee Beach from Victor Ave steps to the unnamed Island is currently off leash from 6pm to 8am and on leash 24hrs/day. Central Mollymook Beach is on leash 24hrs/day whilst Bill Andriske Oval is off leash 3pm to 10am. Collers and Ulladulla Harbour Beach north of the northern breakwater are off leash 24hrs/day.
Dogs must be under the control of a competent handler at all times and don’t forget your poo bags.

Endangered Shorebirds

Local beaches, including; Buckleys [north of Narrawallee Inlet], Racecourse, Pockets [near Rennies], Point NorEast and Tabourie all currently have nests, chicks or fledglings of Hooded Plovers, Little Terns and Pied or Sooty Oyster Catchers.
Locals know the signposted and fenced off regions of these beaches are “no go” zones for dogs on or off leash. If you inadvertently find yourself or your dog near one of these sites please put them on a leash immediately and either leave or walk by quickly on the wet sand, as roaming chicks may be feeding nearby. If a friendly local offers you some “helpful advice” please don’t take offence. They simply know that these shorebirds are critically endangered, with some down to their last 30 to 40 breeding pairs in NSW!

Clear and Present Dangers

The paralysis tick is highly active in this region. Nexgard and Bravecto provide almost 100% protection for dogs whilst Frontline or Frontera spray provide a degree of protection for cats. Tick check daily and watch for clinical signs of weakness, wobbliness, cough, gagging or vomiting.
The Red Belly Black Snake is our most common venomous snake. Symptoms of envenomation include puncture wounds, vomiting, dark coloured urine and weakness progressing to collapse.
Tick antiserum and snake antivenom are available at Milton Village Vet and both work better the sooner you administer it. Prevention and avoidance is preferred.

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